Steve Sandstrom

2024 Creative Hall of Fame Inductee

Founder & ECD, Sandstrom Partners

Celebrated designer Steve Sandstrom is credited with designing the branding and packaging of some of America's most iconic brands. His work includes the St-Germain brand and bottle as well as Bulleit Bourbon, Miller High Life and Converse. He is the Founder of Sandstrom Partners.



Steve Sandstrom, a distinguished American designer and the creative force behind Sandstrom Partners, has left a lasting mark on the world of design, branding, and packaging. His iconic work has been celebrated in various publications, reflecting his exceptional contributions to heritage food, beverage, and lifestyle brands.

With a career marked by innovation and excellence, Steve’s journey into the design realm began as Senior Art Director at Nike, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the brand image and focusing on the apparel division. His time at Nike laid the foundation for his future endeavors, setting the stage for a career characterized by creativity and strategic thinking.

One of Steve’s notable achievements was his involvement in the creation of Tazo, a premium tea brand that soared to number one in all natural foods sales in the U.S. before being acquired by Starbucks. This early success showcased Steve’s ability to merge creativity with market appeal, a talent that would become a hallmark of his career.

Steve’s influence extended beyond individual brands, as he played a vital role in the revival of two American icons: Miller High Life and Converse. His innovative approach to packaging and brand stewardship for Bulleit Bourbon and St-Germain liqueur elevated these spirits to revered status within the industry.

Throughout his illustrious career, Steve has garnered international acclaim, receiving awards from prestigious organizations such as The One Show, D&AD, Art Director’s (ADC) Show, and many more. His commitment to excellence and innovation has earned him recognition as a leader in the design community.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Steve has been a dedicated advocate for the design community. Serving on the board of The One Club for Creativity for nearly two decades, including a term as Vice Chair, Steve has been a driving force in elevating the importance of design within the organization. His efforts have led to a paradigm shift, emphasizing the crucial role of design as a co-equal branch of creativity.

In a noteworthy display of allyship, Steve, along with David Baldwin, relinquished his board seat at The One Club for Creativity in 2020 to pave the way for increased diversity and representation. This courageous move gave rise to Take Your Seat, LLC, an organization dedicated to fostering diversity in boardrooms across America.

Beyond his professional achievements, Steve has demonstrated a commitment to community engagement, contributing his design expertise to numerous worthy organizations. From supporting local art and culture organizations like BodyVox, to lending his strategic insights to Cycle Oregon, SOLVE Oregon Beach Cleanup, and many others, Steve’s impact extends far beyond the design studio.

Currently serving on the Dean’s Council for the University of Oregon College of Design, Steve remains an active and influential figure, contributing to the cultivation of successive generations of designers. His passion for design, coupled with his dedication to community service, exemplifies Steve Sandstrom as a visionary designer and a true catalyst for positive change in the creative world.