For over 60 years, The One Club for Creativity’s Creative Hall of Fame has been the pedestal upon which our industry’s most impactful, influential, and inspirational individuals stand.

Through the rich histories of the Copywriters Club and Art Directors Club, the Creative Hall of Fame has become a shining collective that has venerated the distinguished careers of more than 225 men and women in advertising, design, branding, illustration, photography, and typography. The Hall also salutes those who have made outstanding contributions towards education in these creative fields.

Some Hall of Fame laureates are recognized far beyond our industry circles, while others occupy a special niche in which they are revered but are otherwise waiting to be discovered by new generations. Regardless of their individual renown, every laureate is worthy of their place in the Hall and thus deserves lasting attention and respect.

2022 Inductees

Michael Jordan,
Phil Knight &
Spike Lee

Joe Duffy

John Hunt

Janet Kestin &
Nancy Vonk

Akira Kobayashi

Cheryl D. Miller

Ron & Pippa Seichrist

Carol H. Williams

Gala & Fundraiser

The Hall of Fame celebrations will culminate with a not-to-be-missed gala, scheduled in a suitably swanky New York City venue in November 2024 — ample time to secure your tux or gown!

More than an evening honoring the decades of achievements by our laureates, the gala also serves as a fundraiser for The One Club for Creativity’s many initiatives, particularly those that support creatives near the beginning of their potentially Hall of Fame-worthy careers.