October 27, 2022


Tisch Skylights @ THE SHED NYC

Gala & Fundraiser

The One Club for Creativity invites you to join us in New York City on Thursday, October 27, as we cheer on the greatness of our Creative Hall of Fame 2022 laureates at a not-to-be-missed ceremony and party at The Shed. These incredible men and women not only shaped the worlds of advertising and design, but of popular culture itself. And while they may have earned tons of Pencils, Cubes and other industry accolades over the years, this one here? They can score this one once.

You’re going to want to join us for this level of greatness.

2022 Inductees

Joe Duffy

John Hunt

Janet Kestin &
Nancy Vonk

Akira Kobayashi

Cheryl D. Miller

Ron & Pippa Seichrist

Carol H. Williams

Future Greatness

While the evening of October 27 is a celebration of a lifetime of accomplishments for a select few, it is also a catalyst for so, so many others to achieve greatness themselves. That’s because this year’s Creative Hall of Fame is more than a party, it stands as a fundraiser for a multitude of One Club for Creativity initiatives, many of which guide those just beginning their own potentially Hall of Fame-worthy careers.