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Ralph Ammirati


In a day and age when good enough passes for great, and passable is more than sufficient, Ralph Ammirati has based his career on a very simple philosophy; no second class anything, any time, any place.

How he maintains this quality is really quite simple. No detail escapes him. Even though he has enough laurels to rest on quite comfortably, he still looks at every director’s reel, listens to every new music tape and tracks down new photographers with an unquenchable enthusiasm in his pursuit of perfection. I will admit as someone who worked for him and in some cases with him for over three years, perfection is not an easy thing for lesser mortals to achieve on a consistent basis. But for Ralph, we made the extra effort. “Will Ralph like it?” was the question, and “Ralph liked it!” was the ultimate goal. However, he isn’t any harder or more demanding of any of his writers and art directors than he is of himself.

Over the years Ralph has fought valiantly, sometimes violently, but always successfully to maintain the standard of excellence and attention to detail that few people today have the persistence or the patience to carry on. And it shows in every facet of his life, personal as well as professional.

While usually used to describe Waterford Crystal (an Ammirati & Puris client), there is one line that best describes Ralph Ammirati’s style: steadfast in a world of wavering standards.


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